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Dear Loving Parent,
          Hi there. My name is Coach Mike, I'm the owner of Westchester Martial Arts Academy at WFC.  Parent's bring their children to our training facility for all kinds of reasons.  Most importantly being that they want their children to have fun while learning important Life Skills and Character Development.
          Kid's have a blast in our classes and the results from our program are surprising parents daily.  Seeing their children develop Laser Focus, Grow Confident, Discipline, and literally become BULLY-PROOF!
Under Performing in School
Most children are smarter then their grades and report cards show - mainly because of the internet, ipads, and video games children have a hard time sitting down to focus in a classroom or getting their work and studying done at home.  As a result grades suffer, and often, their self confidence goes down with their grades.  If only their was an activity that would help them develop laser like focus...
Dealing with Bullies
One of the most painful and helpless feelings a parent can have is hearing their child become upset while talking about getting picked on or being bullied.  You want your child to flourish socially and have high self esteem, not worry about their well-being and safety at school.  Sadly, every school has a bully in one form or another, and now after school with the internet and social media.  If there only was a way to help them develop un-shakeable self confidence...
Lack of Focus and Discipline
Some kids just can't seem to sit still.  The fast paced entertainment and instant gratification of iPads, the internet, and video games makes it impossible for them to sit and focus.  They just move onto the next bright, flashy, exciting thing that happens to catch their eye.  If only they could find a way to be calmed and focus, their quality of life would dramatically improve.  Instead of drugging our children with amphetamines (legal meth) and ritalin, there must be a healthy, natural way to help our kids focus and instill discipline...
To be frank - there are more reasons then I can list as to why parents have come through our doors the past 8 years. Hopefully you can relate to some of the ones I touched on above.  Through the Martial Arts I've helped kids with all of these issues and more.  In fact, nothing makes me happier than seeing the progression of a child open up and develop a noticeable confidence in themselves.  The change can be seen in how they stand, walk, and speak to others. The changes I've witnessed in Children and Adults are astounding and give meaning to the work I do....
It's what gets me up in the morning.
After a Few Weeks of Mixed Martial Arts Classes at WFC
This is What Happens
  • Laser Focus and Attention - In Martial Arts we help children calm their minds to help develop that laser focus.Then, the better and better they get at focusing the longer we keep them engaged and present.  Eventually our more advanced students might focus the entire class on just one exercise or technique. Without them getting bored or antsy. Then this transitions off the training floor and into their everyday life.  They focus on homework, chores, conversations... and anything else they put their mind to.
  • They Do Better in School - Discipline and Focus are qualities needed in both school and the martial arts.  While in the classroom, students must learn to pay attentions to the teacher and not be distracted or lose focus in order to learn the day's lesson.  Just as laser focus and concentration are necessary to succeed in martial arts. Our children practice shutting out distractions, succeeding under pressure, and concentrating on the immediate activity. This practice in martial arts carries over into the school room.
  • A New Sense of Discipline - Parents tell us often that their child's teachers are saying they are impressed by the level of respect kids in martial ares give them. They refer to the teacher as "sir" and "ma'am" - and don't have to be told more than once to get things done. This goes for school, and at home! If you have to beg your child multiple times to get anything done - get ready for a game changer!
  • Make the Bully Proof  - The thing about bullies is, if you stand up to them, they back down. Most children are too scared and lack the self-confidence to stand up for themselves. With the growth of self confidence knowing they know how to defend themselves if needed, while they prove it to themselves in class, they'll not only stand up for themselves, but also others who get bullied.
Success Stories
"A HUGE Improvement in Behavior!"
"Joseph has always had a bit of a temper and would lash out when he didn't get his way. He is now more respectful to me and my wife as well as his teachers in school. "Yes Sir" "No Sir" "Yes Ma'am" No Ma'am."  I've been told that none of his other school mates show the teachers and administrators at his school that level of respect."
Jose (Joseph's Dad)
"They just can't wait to go to class!"
"With my Daughter's Lea and Layla being only 6, I wasn't sure if they would like the Martial Arts Program. Being so young they've never committed to anything yet in their life. To my surprise they get very upset on days we have to miss class. They watch the clock after school to tell me when its time to go to MMA Class."
Jennifer (Lea and Layla's Mom)
"He made his bed the very first time I asked!"
"Nicholas went and made his bed the first time I asked Saturday Morning.  I know its because of the discipline he's getting in his mixed martial arts classes. Now whenever I want to get him to do something he doesn't want to, i say "Eat your vegetables, or I'm going to tell Coach Mike."  Works like a charm..
Vladislav (Nicholas' Dad)
Enter Your Info for a FREE 30 DAY CLASS PASS & FREE Private Intro Lesson!
**We value and respect your privacy and will never share you information with anyone. Information collected is used to contact you about our children's martial arts program

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